Hoboken Housing Authority

400 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030


Our Communities

The Hoboken Housing Authority is made up of many properties throughout the city. We have garden style apartment buildings and high rises. Our family buildings include Andrew Jackson Gardens, Harrison Gardens, Christopher Columbus Garden. Our senior buildings include Fox Hill Gardens and Adams and Monroe Gardens.

Andrew Jackson Gardens is located in the western part of the Hoboken Housing Authority’s main campus along Harrison, Marshall and Jackson streets. Consisting of affordable family housing constructed in 1952, Andrew Jackson Gardens is comprised of two primary building types: three-story garden apartments and seven-story T, or cross-plan, high-rises. There are a total of 11 three-story garden-style apartments with 210 dwelling units and eight seven-story high-rises with 338 units. Andrew Jackson Gardens has a total of 598 units in 512,750 square feet.

Andrew Jackson Gardens

Christopher Columbus Gardens consists of two high-rise buildings located in the third ward. The buildings are located at 460 8th Street and 455 9th Street. A total of 97 units, composed of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units are located there. Each seven story building has a total square footage of 43,050 square feet. Columbus Gardens are used for family housing. They feature new community and laundry rooms which are now handicapped accessible. There is also a central picnic area and playground.

Christopher Columbus

Fox Hill Gardens, located at 311 13th St., is a 10-story building which features newly-repaired balconies. The high-rise boasts 243,000 square feet. The 200 units include studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments. The building is only used for senior housing. It features a community room with a large screen television for tenants’ enjoyment.

Fox Hill Gardens

Hoboken Housing Authority

Adams and Monroe Gardens

Adams and Monroe Gardens are located at 220 Adams St. and 221 Jackson St. They are both nine stories high and designated as senior housing. Together, there are a total of 125 units comprised of studios, one- and two-bedroom units. A total of 98,000 square feet makes up the two buildings. The parking lot has recently been repaved with new curbs and new handicapped spots.

Harrison Gardens

IHarrison Gardens is located in the southeastern part of the Hoboken Housing Authority’s main campus, abutted by Harrison, Marshall and Jackson streets. It consists of family housing constructed in 1959. Harrison Gardens is comprised of two 10-story H-plan high-rise apartment buildings each subdivided into two separate buildings. There are a total of 208 dwelling units and support spaces housed within 192,700 square feet. Building 1, 320 Jackson St., is comprised of 57 units. Building 2, 321 Harrison St., has 47 units. Building 3, 310 Jackson St., also holds 47 units. Building 5, 311 Harrison St., has 57 units.